Moringa And The Incredible Phytonutrient Chlorophyll


Moringa is one of the very few foods in existence that contains chlorophyll, the green pigment of plants. It has many other nutrients as well, such as proteins, vitamins and minerals, fiber and healthy fats…. and it tastes really good. There are very few foods that can compare nutritionally to the amazing superfood of Moringa. Besides its powerful nutritional qualities, it also has a long list of medicinal and health benefits. Many of these come from the incredible phytonutrient it contains – chorophyll. There are other foods that have chlorophyll in them, but they don’t come close to offering the numerous other benefits and nutrients of Moringa leaves.

Chlorophyll is sometimes called “the blood of plants” because it is so closely related to hemoglobin, which in our bodies is the red pigment of our red blood cells responsible for oxygen transport. What is different between the two is the molecules in the metallic element in the center of these cells. In our red blood cells, hemoglobin, it consists of iron. In chlorophyll it is magnesium. It is thought that this similarity is what helps the chlorophyll to be absorbed so well and used to strengthen our blood to fight anemia. It is believed that it may even be absorbed readily in the mouth and gut (versus through absorption eventually directly to the cells). This allows it to directly support the health of your mouth, stomach and intestines.


The evidence exists to strongly show that chlorophyll could actually cure or ease acute infection of your sinuses, chronic ulcers, the intestinal tract, and even halitosis (bad breath). It speeds up healing in wounds and in animal studies has proven it can nullify the cancer inducing effects of many types of environmental toxins (even in your food). It has also been shown in other studies that chlorophyll supports liver function and detoxification of the body. 

Here is a list of many other benefits of chlorophyll:


Besides all of these wonders chlorophyll offers, it is also an alkalinizing compound, which is highly beneficial in offsetting the acidifying effect of the typical Western diet (high protein and fat).

Chlorophyll is a part of the most important chemical reaction on earth, which is photosynthesis.

Life would not exist without it. It is the master chemical at the source and base of all of our foods we eat and for oxygen production.


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