Modern Moringa Miracles

Moringa ovalifolia

The amazing benefits of Moringa have raised great interest among scientists and even ordinary everyday people. It is agreed by both that third world countries have the greatest potential to benefit from this incredible tree. Incorporating just two to three teaspoons of dried Moringa leaf powder into meals provides significant nutritional value to the children in these countries suffering from severe malnutrition.


Moringa is grown throughout the world today but what’s interesting is it grows especially well where it is needed the most. These delicious edible leaves are highly nutritious and are consumed in West Africa, parts of Asia and many other areas high in malnutrition.

Approximately 1.3 billion people in these developing countries today also cannot afford clean safe drinking water. Sadly, at least 6 million children die from this each year. Moringa happens to be a very good remedy to prevent this by reducing the incidence of waterborne diseases, a major cause of deaths in these struggling countries. Just the powder alone from the seed kernels works as a natural coagulant, clarifying turbid water. Further, crushing the seed of Moringa can attract and quickly stick to many types of bacteria and viruses allowing them to be skimmed off and trapped to further purify water in a very inexpensive way.

african children_water_basins

Besides having a tremendous value to developing countries as a nutritious food and for purifying water, what are some of the other benefits it offers to the people in these third world countries?

  • Medicinally it treats many things such as headaches, tumors, wounds, digestive issues, it’s used as an expectorant, for diarrhea and numerous other conditions.
  • Its wonderful oil has been used to protect the skin going back to the Roman, Greek and Egyptian Civilizations.
  • The seeds in the green pods can even be roasted and eaten like peanuts.
  • The seeds can also be processed to produce a cooking vegetable oil, soap, cosmetics, and also as a fuel for lamps.
  • The thickened root is used as a horseradish.
  • The foliage is eaten as greens for salads, vegetable curries, as pickles, and for seasoning.
  • It is used as farm feed (cattle, swine and poultry). When used for approximately half the feed, the milk from these dairy cows then yield a 30% greater amount and the same was increased in daily weight gain for beef cattle.
  • The shoots are used as green manure.

Spreading awareness to the struggling populations of third world countries and teaching them how to grow Moringa trees, harvest them and educating them on the endless benefits is now the key!


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    If there’s one nutrition thing you could add to your diet….it’s Moringa!!

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