The Ethical And Sustainable Farming Of Moringa


Moringa continues to grow in global popularity as a superfood and also as a health and wellness supplement, but unfortunately, there are still areas in the world where it is grown and sold at no sustainable benefit to the farmers.  Ethically, these farmers should be empowered by earning income that supports their families, treated with respect and that respect should also extend to the environment around them.

Each time you purchase Moringa, the farmers who grew that raw product should be compensated fairly, especially when it is from Moringa farmers whose growing process is organic and respectful of the earth and everyone involved. Then you can purchase your Moringa and enjoy it’s incredible health benefits confidently, knowing that you are contributing to a sustainable economy for the source of the products that are also enriching your life.


This practice continues to create smaller, independent, rural and non-commercial farmers who will be able to enjoy sustainable development. With continued improved trade conditions and property rights, they will be assured that they will not be taken advantage of by more well-positioned groups or individuals locally or internationally.


Also on the ethical side, many consumers and farmers are beginning to question some of the technologies used, especially pest control and genetic engineering of crops and whether this is consistent with positive human health, stewardship of the land, and the sustainability of our ecosystems.

Farming is not just about cheap wholesome food while making the most profit. It is about the preservation of the resource base, the health of farmers who grow it and the value and sustainability of the surrounding rural communities. It’s being able to achieve high ethical, environmental and agricultural standards, creating a healthy food farmers can be proud of that supports their livelihood for themselves and their families as well as the local community.


In support of this, people around the world have begun embracing ethical purchasing habits that contribute positively to eradicating society’s preventable ills – hunger, exploitation, poverty-related sickness and malnutrition. Malnutrition is the largest single contributor to disease and death. It ultimately lowers all well-being and especially productivity in individuals. Combating this malnutrition is considered by numerous experts and those who simply care… the world’s best investment.

By drinking Moringatein you are actually empowering impoverished people of all ages from all around the world. And as a part of this greater global community, we are all responsible for the proper treatment and compensation of the farmers and communities that grow and sell the amazing Moringa that is in Moringatein.

The Moringa in Moringatein is ethically grown and supports sustainable business for the local communities from around the world.


We’re preparing to launch a Crowdhoster campaign for Moringatein coming up soon in  February, 2014.

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