Moringa For Your Kids Health


There are a large number of reports and a great deal of information on the outstanding nutritional qualities of the Moringa leaf, in the scientific world and in the general household. It has been used medicinally and nutritionally for centuries. Moringa leaves are a natural, whole food source full of essential disease preventing nutrients packed full of vitamins, minerals, protein, antioxidants, fiber, protein and many other important compounds. All of these are important nutrients that your body relies on to stay healthy, especially infants, growing children, and pregnant mothers.


Malnutrition as a result of micronutrient deficiencies are now being recognized as a significant contributor to the global burden of disease, especially in children. Moringa leaf powder is becoming a focus as a superfood to directly combat this problem. Alternative Action for African Development and Church World Service have tested its ability to prevent or cure malnutrition in pregnant or breast-feeding women and their children as well (in southwestern Senegal). More than 600 malnourished infants are treated there every year.  The results after continuous intake of Moringa were significant.


As a part of the study, local doctors, nurses and medical personnel were all trained in preparing Moringa leaf powder, and some of the local village women were trained as well and in cooking it with foods. At the end of the one to two year study, they found that the children increased their body weight and had an improved overall health. Pregnant women previously with anemia no longer had it, and their babies were born with a higher birth weight. In addition, they had an increase in production for breast-feeding their babies.

Moringa is an amazing ingredient that will boost your kids health. Help them to stay as healthy as they can be by having regular intake of nutritious Moringa leaves every day! Moringatein is the easiest way to achieve this and it tastes delicious. Join the movement and follow us by email today.

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