Nourish Your Kids With Moringatein

kids drinking smoothie.jpg.jpg

For families on the go, Moringatein is the easiest, most convenient meal replacement/snack for your kids. You can blend it with some of your favorite fruits and veggies or simply add water, shake it and go! Moringatein includes a spectrum of incredible ingredients all in one drink that were selected to make it a perfect healthy meal replacement.

The exciting ingredient infused in Moringatein is the superfood of Moringa leaves. Moringa is loaded with nutrients, protein that includes all of the essential amino acids, fiber, antioxidants and over 17 different vitamins. Incorporating this daily into your kids’ diet will provide them with amazing health benefits to boost their energy.


Moringatein tastes great all by itself and it was formulated to give your kids the highest level of nutrition, taste and convenience so it can easily be mixed up and taken on the go, so you don’t have to stop and eat a full meal. Your kids can help you blend up all kinds of recipes…. with many other things, such as almond or coconut milk, frozen fruits and fresh veggies and nut butters. It’s healthy for the whole family, providing you with everything you need nutritionally and without sugar.


Moringatein is definitely the perfect meal replacement or snack solution for you and your kids, but it is also a solution for malnutrition across the world and supports ethical and sustainable farming of Moringa in developing countries.The impact you will have by purchasing Moringatein for your kids will have a phenomenal effect on children in need across the world.


We will be launching a Crowdhosting Campaign for Moringatein in February of 2012.

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