How Moringatein Came To Be

How Moringatein Came To Be

Jeff Ericson is the founder of Moringatein and he discovered moringa as a way to combat global malnutrition. Before that though, he has an amazing background in social business. He founded Camano Island Coffee Roasters in 2000 with the simple philosophy that a business can change the world for good, with a vision to combine his passion for ethical coffee with generational change in coffee growing regions, ultimately supporting the surrounding community by supporting the local farmers.

You can read more about the success we’ve had on the Camano Island Coffee website.

While he was visiting the local coffee farmers in South America, he was introduced to the amazing Moringa tree and all of it’s incredible health benefits by a Peace Corps professional. He was shown first hand the numerous uses of the tree, including how the leaves are packed with vitamins, protein, and fiber, precisely what millions of people across the world are lacking.


After seeing the devastation of malnutrition around the world, and combined with his experience in social business and new knowledge of the nutritious moringa, Jeff knew he was on to something really big that will have the ability to cause a global transformation!


Moringatein is a healthy and delicious meal replacement smoothie featuring Moringa that is sourced responsibly to empower communities and create generational change. Visit us at to sign up for our email newsletter and join this movement.

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