Camano Island Coffee – A Great Example Of Positive Generational Change Through Ethical Business Practices

Camano Island Coffee –  A Great Example Of Positive Generational Change Through Ethical Business Practices

Jeff Nicaragua

Jeff Ericson, the founder of Moringatein, is also the successful founder of Camano Island Coffee Roasters, a business that is directly helping 24,000 coffee farmers around the world. Each time someone drinks a cup of this delicious coffee, they help contribute to incredible life changes for these farmers, including bettering their education to allow them to prosper. It’s not just a hand out to the poor, but it is direct positive change to their daily lives.

By becoming one of their loyal coffee drinkers, you will help raise these farmers out of the shadows of poverty. The coffee farmers deserve fairness and an opportunity to break the generational chains of poverty and to have the ability to sustain themselves and their families, to better their lives and their children’s lives forever. This is real generational change.

How does Camano Island Coffee achieve this?

  • They only purchase green, ethical coffee beans that are USDA Certified Organic and Shade-grown. USDA Certified Organic guarantees safety from harmful pesticides.
  • They only purchase ethical coffee that is fairly traded. The difference is in enabling farmers to provide food, clothing, shelter, and an education for their children.
  • They partner with Agros International, a Seattle, WA based non-profit that assists responsible coffee farmers in purchasing their own land through low-interest or interest-free loans. They also help farmers through education and water treatment programs.

When someone makes the choice to be a consumer of their delicious and healthy coffee each day, they are making a decision to be a part of lasting generational change! By supporting only ethical coffee that’s Certified Organic, Shade-Grown, and Fairly Traded, they are helping to preserve the environment and prevent human poisoning from pesticides.

By supporting ethical coffee that’s fairly traded, we can be assured that these coffee farmers are receiving a fair wage — that’s truly life altering for them. For every Coffee Lover’s Box shipment sent out from Camano Island Coffee Roasters, $1.00 is given back to the farmers through Agros International.

Visit Jeff’s website at Camano Island Coffee Roasters and learn more!

Free Pound of Organic Coffee

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