Moringatein’s Incredible Impact On Moringa Farmers

Moringatein’s Incredible Impact On Moringa Farmers

Moringatein has a significant impact on underdeveloped areas of the world, helping farmers who grow Moringa, contributing to solving malnutrition in their part of the world and ours, empowering their families and their communities. The end result will be generational change through the growing of ethical and sustainable Moringa.

What does this look like?

We only purchase our Moringa leaves that are ethically grown by responsible farmers. We work with the farmers directly to be sure of the quality and standards of growing the Moringa. It creates an environment where everyone wins and you get the highest quality Moringa at a fair price!

We only purchase Moringa that is fairly traded, and it is this difference that enables these Moringa farmers to provide food, clothes, shelter, and a useful education for their families.

We are partnering with unique organizations that will help Moringa farmers to be able to purchase their own land through special low-interest or interest-free loans.

And what does this do?

This allows Moringa farmers to command a fair and profitable price for their product.

They are also truly learning the value of growing this amazing tree and all of the benefits from the roots to the pods.

What an incredible impact this will have!

We’re preparing to launch a Crowdhoster campaign for Moringatein in early 2014. Sign up for our email newsletter and connect with us on social media so you can be the first to learn how you can be a part of this nutrition movement.


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