Erica’s Moringatein Testimonial

Erica’s Moringatein Testimonial

I am really into health and I have learned the importance of eating high quality protein and natural whole foods, but it’s not always so easy to accomplish. One of the most functional components of my daily routine has been experimenting with drinking protein smoothies, mainly as a mid-morning or mid-afternoon snack. I have a very busy schedule with several kids in several schools in a multitude of sports and I used to joke that I wished there was some magic smoothie that would be like a real meal.

I’ve been making ALL KINDS of protein powder smoothies for about 10 years and experimenting with the different protein sources and recipes. I used to try to create my own smoothie “meal” that could act as a true meal replacement drink, but something always wasn’t quite right…..the protein powder would clump up and you pretty much had to drink it right away or it tasted bad. I tried adding vitamin powders to it to complete it nutritionally and they tasted terrible, and so on. Trial and error….mostly error. I gave up on them tasting good.

Well, surprise surprise…..along comes Moringatein! I recently started drinking at least one Moringatein smoothie each day. At first it was hard to get used to the idea of drinking it as a meal, but once I did, I could really feel the energy boost and it was so easy to not skip breakfast. It tastes delicious by itself, but I have been adding frozen blueberries and bananas and it is really tasty and easy to drink. I’ve also just mixed a scoop and some water and ice in a shaker cup when I’ve been in a hurry and it still tastes great. It’s incredibly convenient in moments where I haven’t planned well and need to eat.

The main thing I’ve noticed is I have lasting energy after I drink one. It’s wonderful!

We’re preparing to launch a Crowdhoster campaign for Moringatein in early 2014. Sign up for our email newsletter and connect with us on social media so you can be the first to learn how you can be a part of this nutrition movement.

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