The Moringatein Movement

World Impact

Moringa’s health benefits are amazing, but the moringa tree’s impact on underdeveloped areas and world malnutrition are truly phenomenal.


Ethical Moringa: Generational Change

Moringatein follows our model of generational change created with Camano Island Coffee. We have a 3 step system to impact generations of moringa farmers and their families.

  1. The Moringa – We only purchase ethical moringa leaves that are USDA Certified Organic. USDA Certified Organic guarantees safety from harmful pesticides and the numerous health and birth defects they inflict on the moringa farmers and their families.
  2. The Price – By only purchasing ethical moringa that is fairly traded, Moringatein partners with you in giving a fair wage for a beautiful product. The difference is in enabling farmers to provide food, clothing, shelter, and an education for their children.
  3. Giving A Hand Up, Not Hand Out – Moringatein partners with NGO’s that assists responsible moringa farmers in purchasing their own land through low-interest or interest-free loans.
    • Independence – as landowners, farmers can command a better price for their delicious product.
    • Accountability – as landowners, farmers can decide for themselves whether to use dangerous pesticides our harmful agricultural practices.
    • It Doesn’t End Here! – We also help farmers through education. From the roots to the leaves, all parts of the moringa tree are useful for nutrition, medicine, and water treatment. Now that’s something to drink to!

Moringa leaves

Ending Malnutrition

In the western world we get excited about donating to world relief, when we should be empowering people to provide relief for their communities.


Moringa is a key crop in creating sustainable systems to end malnutrition. We work with the farmers in sourcing our moringa and to help them distribute moringa to their communities.


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